camp-kidsAt Camp E.D.I.F.Y., we believe that God wants all children to be whole and healthy in every aspect of their being: Whole in heart, whole in spirit, whole in mind, and whole in body. To this end we are committed to developing within children the capacity and skills to achieve this goal.

E.D.I.F.Y. stands for the Education and Direction of Intelligent, Fit, Youth. Camp E.D.I.F.Y. seeks to provide an opportunity for children to continue stimulating their minds during the summer months through basic educational exercises.

Nutrition, Exercise, Education and Training will help to promote the healthy physical bodies and lifestyles that we believe children need to grow into their best selves.

Fun, Cultural Outings and Structured Games will help children develop healthy personal principles and cooperative interaction abilities.

Biblical Teachings will create an appetite for God and the fulfillment of their spirit.

We are dedicated to E.D.I.F.Ying our children so that they will be nourished, whole and in every way an asset to themselves and to those around them.