Camp EDIFY 2019

May 3, 2019

Hello parents and campers,

Welcome to Camp EDIFY 2019.

Our camp will be held near Markham and Ellesmere at the following location:

Woburn Junior Public School
40 Dormington Drive
Scarborough, ON
M1G 3N2

July 8th to August 16th

2019 fees for camp is $55/child per week.
Family rates are available and will be discussed per family.

Age: 5 to 13 yrs old

We have joined forces again with the Salvation Army also at Markham/Ellesmere where we will spend a lot of time during the summer.

We are excited about camp and hope you are too… Welcome Back or Welcome Home if you are new!!

Head over to the Registration page to REGISTER today.


And the Winners Are……

August 24, 2018

Camp EDIFY gave away 2 bikes donated by the Salvation Army at the end of Camp 2018.

The Winner of the first bike was Kaleb S.  Children that signed up and attended Camp EDIFY for the first two weeks of camp were entered into the draw.  Kaleb’s name was randomly selected.

The second winner was Jaden P.   He accumulated the most ‘Camp EDIFY bucks’ during the course of the summer and was declared the winner on the last day.




Farewell Campers!

August 22, 2018

Our final week of camp was a blast! Campers got the opportunity to express their artistic sides through various arts and crafts activities which included making giant bubbles. Campers also participated in several athletic events, went swimming and played at the splash park. Camp wrapped up with a fantastic basketball tournaments. Everyone got to show off their skills, campers and counsellors alike.

Our trip this week was our biggest yet, as Camp EDIFY went to Canada’s Wonderland. Campers got an experience as they were able to take a whirl on many thrilling rides at the theme park!

Unfortunately, this is the last week of Camp EDIFY. To all the parents and campers, we truly enjoyed having you all at Camp EDIFY this summer. We look forward to seeing you next summer and promise that it will be full of adventure, learning and fun!


“Moovin’ and Groovin’ To the Extreme” Week

August 13, 2018

This past week of camp has been a blast. During “Moovin’ and Groovin’ To the Extreme” Week, campers got the opportunity to exercise their fine motor skills while enjoying a variety of sports and other interactive games designed to build strength, skill, speed and concentration.

Campers participated in team games such as basketball, European handball and Ultimate Frizbee! Addiotionally, they got to cool off while at the pool and the Splash Park!

Last Tuesday, campers went to watch a movie at Cineplex in Scarborough Town Centre. They enjoyed Teen Titans Go!, as several campers were seen singing along to the film’s music.

Be sure to be present for the final week of camp, as it will be jam packed with fun activities and entertainment. The week is themed “Time Travelers” and campers will travel all the way back to week one to look back and reflect on their progress and growth from the past six weeks of camp.



Summer Olympics!

August 7, 2018

Summer Olympics week focused on EDIFY “celebrating the role of play & sport in education” and ultimately encouraged the campers to develop a healthy habit of physical activity. the campers got the opportunity to engage and take part in various interactive outdoor activities like Soccer baseball, Dodgeball, Capture the flag, Relay race and much more.

Our trip this week was to Woodbine Beach, where campers were able to enjoy a fun summer picnic at the beach on a beautiful summer day.

Make sure you don’t miss next week, as the theme is “Moovin’ and Groovin’ To the Extreme”. Campers will exercise their fine motor skills while enjoying a variety of sports and other interactive games designed to build strength, skill, speed and concentration.


Outside the Box Week

July 29, 2018

Our Outside the Box Week has been completed. Campers got the opportunity to perceive various situations in different ways. This week challenged campers to adapt, grow, realize and learn from the activities they took part in.

They were able to devise innovative strategies in order to complete an obstacle course with their peers. Additionally, they were able to express their creative sides by creating slime, bracelets and painting. Furthermore, each camper made their own delicious pizza at the Salvation Army, which they enjoyed thoroughly.

Our trip was to Kids Town, where campers were able to spend a hot summer day at “Splash Works”.

Even though half of camp is over, we do still have another half to look forward to!



Creative Imagination Antics Week

July 22, 2018

We have come to the end of our second week. This week of camp featured various arts and craft activities like paper maché and origami.

Campers had the opportunity to participate in yoga, baking, math/English lessons and other interactive challenges. Additionally, we returned to the Centennial Recreation Centre to spend time swimming in the pool.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of this week, we attended our first big trip to SkyZone! Campers had fun bouncing around on the trampolines as well as playing high flying variations of basketball and dodgeball.

The theme for the upcoming week will be “Outside the Box” week where the campers will get the
opportunity to view certain situations from a different perspective. We can’t wait!


Active Leadership Week

July 14, 2018

Our first week of camp has been completed! Throughout active leadership week, our campers engaged in various mindful and team building exercises, ameliorating their communication and interpersonal skills. This helped every camper become comfortable with their new environments and with each other.

We started the week off with a Scavenger Hunt in which our campers learned to work together in order to find many hidden objects around the school.

The kids had a blast swimming at the Centennial Recreation Centre pool. We then finished off this summery week with some wet fun, playing at the water park.

Even though this week has come to an end, we can look forward to next week! Campers will be taking part in several creative activities as well as going on a trip to SkyZone!

See you next week campers!





Camp EDIFY 2018

May 4, 2018

Hello parents and campers,

We are happy to let you know that Camp EDIFY is in progress for 2018.

Our camp will be held near Markahm and Ellesemere at the following location:

Woburn Junior Public School
40 Dormington Dr,
Scarborough, ON
M1G 3N2

Registration fees for camp is $50/child. Family rates available and will be discussed per family.


See You Next Summer Campers!

August 16, 2017

Miracles in The Bible Week was a success! On Monday Camp EDIFY campers and counsellors showcased their amazing talents on our very own edition of Camp EDIFY’s Got Talent. Andre and Miguel showcased their amazing Basketball tricks. While Haniah and Maleah performed a remarkable dance routine. This week, campers were given the opportunity to talk about the miracles they have experienced in their own lives. In addition, counsellors gave all the campers insight to the remarkable miracle Jesus performed. Jesus only had 5 loaves of Bread and two Fish yet, he was still able to feed thousands of people!

This weeks Trip Thursday was at Canada’s Wonderland!!! Campers enjoyed the rides and huge water park that Wonderland had to offer. At the end of our visit campers and counsellors enjoyed funnel cakes and ice cream. Overall, our trip to Canada’s Wonderland was such a great day of fellowship and bonding.

Unfortunately, this is the last week of Camp EDIFY. To all the parents and campers, we truly enjoyed having you all at Camp EDIFY this summer. We look forward to seeing you next summer and promise that it will be full of adventure, learning and fun!



Sports Week!!!

August 11, 2017

        Unfortunately, Sports Week has come to an end. Our lovely campers learned about the different sports and the various sporting techniques. On Tuesday during Arts & Crafts, the children made paper plate balls!

      On Wednesday, the counsellors organized a game of soccer at the park. All the children displayed sportsmanship and teamwork during the soccer match. This week’s Trip Thursday was at Ever Green Brick Works, where campers discovered new ways to preserve energy and protect the planet! Furthermore, our lovely campers were given the opportunity to engage in a Scavenger Hunt, during the hunt they discovered historic buildings at the facility, and also enjoy the sunshine.

Next week will be Miracle In The Bible Week! We hope campers are excited to learn about the many different miracles that occurred in the Bible! Please stay tuned for the next blog.



The Royal Ontario Museum!

August 4, 2017

All the campers enjoyed Around the World week!  During the first day of Around the World, campers were given the opportunity to share what their ethnicity is, and what languages they speak at home.  In addition, campers learned how to count in Spanish and various other languages.

On Tuesday, campers completed a journal entry about where they would like to travel in the future. For instance, Henry-Lev wrote that he would love to fly to the Dominican Republic with his family!

For those of you who have been wondering where Camp EDIFY went for Trip Thursday, I’d like to announce that we went to….. The Royal Ontario Museum!! While at the ROM, camp EDIFY learned about historic events, and viewed the endless number of artifacts on display.


 A lot of our campers enjoyed the Everyday Egyptians Exhibit which presented some objects the Egyptians left behind. Also, Camp EDIFY got a glimpse into the daily lives of the ordinary Egyptians.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming blogs that will focus on Sports Week!!


Around the World!

July 31, 2017

   Last week Camp EDIFY ended Animal week with a BANG! We finished off Animal Week at the Toronto Zoo, where campers discovered new species, learned about the many endangered animals, and had the opportunity to explore all the unique pavilions that the Toronto Zoo offered.



    Now that Animal Week has come to an end, it is now time to focus our attention to this week’s theme… Around the World! This week campers will learn about multiple cultures, Countries and their traditions. Stay tuned for the next blog to learn more about this week’s Thursday trip!




Animal Week has Arrived!

July 24, 2017

Animal Week has finally arrived! Jaguars, Polar Bears, and Elephants are only a few of the many endangered animals we used in a game of animal charades! All the campers did a great job using only gestures to demonstrate which animals they were portraying during the game. Our awesome campers also created animal mask during Arts & Crafts, and then made a skit which incorporated the mask they created. Camp Edify is excited for the many upcoming animal activities scheduled for the rest of the week which also include our trip to the Toronto Zoo on Thursday!


1..2..3… STRIKE!

July 21, 2017

Creation Week was a success! Campers had the opportunity to create their own masterpieces using only their hands and a sheet of paper. Evan and Kemmell created a boat and airplane in less than five minutes!! In addition, our lovely counsellors created a skit which gave campers insight on how God created Heaven and Earth. Since this week was tremendously hot, campers cooled off at the Pan AM Pool. Finally, campers got to blow off some steam at Parkway Bowl.


Many of the kids got an endless amount of strikes in just one shot! This week was fun-filled, and we cannot wait until Animal Week! During Animal Week, campers will get the wild life experience at the Toronto Zoo. Who else is super excited for Animal week?