Darius, Camp Director
Former camper and Counsellor since the inception of Camp EDIFY, Darius will use his experience and skills learned over time to lead and direct camp this year. Ask him about programming and plans for the next 6 weeks.

I am currently a student at the University of a Toronto. Camp EDIFY has been a part of my life for over the last decade. I remember when it first commenced, since my tender age of seven.

My favourite sports are basketball and football, I also consider myself to be an avid foodie…yes, I can cook 🙂  I love making content whether it be video or audio and I enjoy learning things, reading and getting a better understanding.

My wish is that this year will be one of the best years of Camp EDIFY’s history and that your children will have a grand time.

Daniel (DJ), Senior Counsellor
Daniel was a great Counsellor and is now the Sr. Counsellor working closely with Darius. You can ask him about programming and activities for the coming weeks.

I am a recent graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Seneca College. You can say I like sports, I say that it is my passion. Here at Camp EDIFY, we have fun while learning and staying active.

Other than sports, I am a Marvel fanatic. I love the comics as well as the movies. If your child wants to talk about Iron Man for hours, I’m your guy! I also enjoy playing games, preferably board and card games over video games.


This is my second year as a Councillor at Camp EDIFY and it will be our best year yet. I hope your children will love it and have fun!

Julind, Camp Administrator

Want to make a payment, register for camp, sort out some paperwork, fill out some forms? Julind is the person to see.

I am looking forward to working with Camp EDIFY for the second year because I found last year to be a very fun and eventful summer!

I am a second year finance student at the University of Toronto. When I am not studying, I like to play soccer, basketball, exercise and listen to music. I am also a big history buff and like to learn of other cultures in the past.

Even as great as Camp EDIFY was this past year, I guarantee, this year, it will prove to be even better!

Our Counsellors
These are the wonderful young people who will be working closely with your beautiful children to ensure they have a great summer, packed with many activities.

1st Row from left to right
Julind, Aaron, Judy, Shreya, Debbie, Susan, Shelley-Ann

2nd row from left to right
Daniel, DJ, Nicole, Darius, Chloe

Shelley-Ann, Founder & Volunteer
In 2005, Shelley-Ann founded and directed Camp EDIFY reflecting her belief that children should be whole and healthy in every aspect of their being – whole in heart, whole in mind, whole in body and whole in spirit.

We are excited to have Shelley-Ann volunteering at Camp EDIFY and assisting with the programming.

In 2010, she reached her dream of being an Olympian and brought her bobsled team to a silver medal win.  For more information about Shelley-Ann please visit her website:  https://shelley-annbrown.com