Darius Daley, Camp Director

I am currently a student at the University of a Toronto. Camp EDIFY has been a part of my life for over the last decade. I remember when it first commenced, since my tender age of seven.

My favourite sports are basketball and football, I also consider myself to be an avid foodie…yes, I can cook 🙂  I love making content whether it be video or audio and I enjoy learning things, reading and getting a better understanding.

My wish is that this year will be one of the best years of Camp EDIFY’s history and that your children will have a grand time.

Shelley-Ann Brown, Founder & Volunteer

In 2005, Shelley-Ann founded and directed Camp EDIFY reflecting her belief that children should be whole and healthy in every aspect of their being – whole in heart, whole in mind, whole in body and whole in spirit.

We are excited to have Shelley-Ann volunteering at Camp EDIFY and assisting with the programming.

In 2010, she reached her dream of being an Olympian and brought her bobsled team to a silver medal win.  For more information about Shelley-Ann please visit her website:  https://shelley-annbrown.com