Nationality and Culture

August 16, 2019

Our final week of camp was a blast! Campers got the opportunity to explore different nationalities and cultures. Campers also participated in several athletic events, went swimming and played at the splash park. Camp wrapped up with a fantastic basketball tournaments. Everyone got to show off their skills, campers and counsellors alike.

Our trip this week was our biggest yet, as Camp EDIFY went to Canada’s Wonderland. Campers got an experience as they were able to take a whirl on many thrilling rides at the theme park!

Unfortunately, this is the last week of Camp EDIFY. To all the parents and campers, we truly enjoyed having you all at Camp EDIFY this summer. We look forward to seeing you next summer and promise that it will be full of adventure, learning and fun!

We bid you all farewell!


Career and Courage

August 16, 2019

This week, the children learned about the importance of careers. They were also taught biblical examples of courage.

On the Wednesday it was career day, where your children wore costumes that were based on the career they would like to have when they are older.

This week we implemented two new fun and exciting games: European Handball and water balloon dodgeball.

Furthermore, as always we went swimming on Tuesday and had wet fun at the local Splash Park.

We are approaching our final week of camp, where we will have our big, final end of camp trip to Canada’s Wonderland!


Mind, Body and Soul

August 16, 2019

This week, the children learned about the importance of advancing their minds, bodies and their souls! For the spiritual aspect, we looked at the book of Psalm, since it covers all these themes.

In terms of activities, this week the children made their own hand drums, played various sports, and
enjoying a cooking class making muffins!

For our trip this week, we attended Chuck-E-Cheese where the kids had a blast playing a variety of arcade games.

Next week, we are looking forward to Career and Courage week where your children will be able to give thought to their futures!